Tire Rack Online StoreAt a certain point, all tires will need to be replaced. It’s best to be proactive about this rather than waiting until the last minute? Why? Because the last thing you want is to be stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire.

Experts agree that you should replace your tires when the tread depth wears down to less than 4/32 of an inch. There are a number of ways to measure this, with one well known one involving using a penny. Whatever method you use, you need to proactively monitor the amount of wear on your tires so you know when they need to be replaced.

Finding the best tires for your car is not hard if you have unlimited funds to spend on tires. But most likely, you are working with a budget. Expect to pay a minimum of $100 per tire if you want a decent set of radials. Sometimes, by using coupons or other promotional offers, you might be able to get a price that is lower than this. But I would resist the temptation to buy the cheapest tires out there, as tires play a role in the actual safety of your vehicle. They’re not something you should be skimping on.

You can ask your tire dealer for recommendations on tires, but most salespeople will be biased toward the tires that make them the most commission. A better way to get the lowdown on tires is by doing research online. Consumer sites are a good place to start, as are sites like Tire Rack and other tire-related sites that review tires on a regular basis.

When it comes time to actually purchase your tires, a good way to get discounts is by ordering online. As an example. I took advantage of Tire Rack offers many rebates, and prepaid cards for purchases you make online. Such deals can frequently save you $60 – $80 on a full set of tires. In general, I recommend getting a full set, because by the time one of your tires needs to be replaced, the rest don’t have much life left in them anyway.


If you are currently a smoker, chances are good that you have tried many different methods to quit. People use products like nicotine gum, patches, and even prescription drugs like Chantix. And yet, a lot of smokers still struggle to quite. An alternative to quitting that has emerged recently are electronic cigarettes.

Volcano Inferno KitE-cigarettes are small electronic devices that deliver nicotine to the user. They look and perform just like regular cigarettes, but are battery operated. What you inhale are vapors instead of smoke, and many people believe they are a lot better for your health than traditional smoking. Although they are relatively new products and there are no conclusive studies yet, many people who switch to electronic cigarettes report better health.

To get started with electronic cigarettes, you need to purchase a starter kit that contains the battery and cartridges containing the e-liquid. A standard starter kit from stores like Blu Cigs or Volcano Ecig might run you anywhere from 50 to 100 dollars. This may seem like a lot, but considering that cigarettes are 6 dollars a pack, a pack a day smoker is already spending $180 or more per month. In fact, when you do exact calculations, you will find that by using electronic cigarettes, you will end up saving quite a bit of money every year.

So do e-cigs give you the same sensation as smoking? Not exactly. While similar, the sensation is not exactly the same. However, the experience is similar enough that many people find transitioning to electronic cigarettes to be simple. Once you make the switch, you should start seeing health benefits. From there, you can decide whether to try and reduce your usage of ecigs or simply continue using these devices as a healthier alternative to regular smoking.

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online-datingWe all know that mental health and well being can be just as important, if not more important, than physical well-being. Oftentimes, we become so busy with our careers that we neglect the personal relationships in our lives. Perhaps that is why online dating has become so popular.

There is no shame in using a dating site to try and find love. In fact, it has become one of the most popular ways to find a date in the modern age. While we’d all ideally not have to pay a monthly subscription fee to sites like eharmony or Match.com, we must be realistic. Unless you have a lot of free time on your hands, it is becoming increasingly difficult to meet people through your everyday lives.

There are only a handful of popular dating sites that are worth joining, and Match.com should be on the top of yours list. While it’s rather standard as far as dating sites go, it is a huge site with more singles than just about any other site, and this makes it worth your time.

Sometimes people get cold feet when thinking about joining a dating site. This is understandable, especially if you’re a bit older and did not grow up in the internet age. To those people, I recommend the Match.com free trial offer available from a multitude of different dating sites. We’re sorry to say that the current trial offered by Match only lasts 72 hours. They used to have trials that would last a week, but it looks like they are becoming more strict about letting people use the site for free for extended periods of time.

Nevertheless, it’s better than nothing. For  more information on dating on the internet, go to http://onlinedatingtrials.com.…

online tax preparation softwareToday we will be discussing financial health instead of physical health. Why? Because lack of financial well-being can cause stress and spill over into other parts of our lives, often leading to things like high blood pressure.

Speaking of stress, April can be quite stressful for many because that is the month that their tax returns are due. Depending on how complex your returns are, it can cost you anywhere from $300 – $1000 to have them done by a professional service such as H&R Block. For years now, I’ve used a cheaper alternative, which is to use Turbotax.

I highly encourage people to try Turbotax for two reasons. First, it will cost a lot less to do your taxes if you complete them yourself. Second, Turbotax makes it easy to do your taxes since it holds your hand through the process and is presented in an interview format where you simply answer questions as you progress through the return.

Now, to use the full version of Turbotax, you will end up paying a fee, but there is a basic version called the Turbotax Free Edition, which you don’t have to pay for in order to use. The free version can only be used for very simple returns, and is available online.

I actually started my return this year by using the Turbotax free edition, but was quickly told I would have to upgrade in order to complete my return. I suspect that this is the case for the majority of people. Therefore, the free edition seems more of a marketing gimmick to me than anything else.

With that said, using Turbotax will still save you a lot of money compared to going to a CPA or using a tax preparation service. So by all means, go ahead and give it a try.…

Many of us wear contact lenses, and they are truly a blessing. Not only do they correct our vision, they allow us to play sports and engage in activities that might not be possible with eyeglasses. But contact lenses do pose some risks, so it’s important to follow some guidelines to make sure you will keep your eyes healthy. Here are some suggestions to keeping your eyes healthy if you use contact lenses:

  1. Lens.com screenshot of online storeChoose disposable lenses
    You want your contacts to be as sterile as possible, and daily disposables would be the best choices. Unfortunately, they are also the most expensive. You may therefore want to opt for weekly or monthly disposables.
  2. Don’t wear them overnight
    Even if you have extended wear contact lenses, it’s not a good idea to wear them overnight. Make sure you take them out and put them in fresh solution before bed.

If you decide to follow the second suggestion to wear disposable contact lenses, you are going to want to do some research to find the cheapest place to get lenses. I have found the online store Lens.com to be very cheap. But that is just for my particular lenses, and you should shop around to find the lowest prices. If you do use Lens.com, there is a Lens.com promo codes from http://Visualdiscount.com/lens-com-coupon.php which you can use to get additional discounts. If you are interested in this coupon, you can get more details here. Other coupons may be available for other contact lens stores, so make sure you search for them. Daily disposables are expensive, so by finding a cheap source, you will save money for years to come.


clarkstonWe are a group of bloggers in Michigan who like to write about health and medicine. This blog aims to inform the public about the following topics:

  • Nutrition: You are what you eat, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get the foods we need in the modern age. And no, simply shopping at Whole Foods is not enough.
  • Health and Well-Being: Much of your physical well being is connected to your state of mind. The research on this is fascinating, and we will be adding some articles on this subject
  • Shopping for Health Products: You’re already online, so why not share with you tips on shopping for health products online?

Feel free to contact us if you would like us to talk about an area not covered by the topics above. Ultimately, this site is meant to help you, the health-conscious visitor, so we are always open to feedback.…

The internet is a spectacular resource for acquiring information about health and well-being. One of the best ways to learn more about healthy living is by watching videos.  Youtube is actually a great place for this. Sure, the site has more than its share of lousy videos, but once you get good at navigating through that, you will find lots of great information as well.

The main strength of Youtube is its size. With so many millions of users and so many uploads being made daily, there is good coverage of almost every subject. One frustrating thing, however, is that you will tend to get your information in disorganized bits. You need to be the type of person who can piece together different bits of information and still get the big picture.

For a more organized presentation of health information, you might want to check out VideoMD as well. The advantage of using this site is that most of the videos are presented by experts.

Either way, there is so much good information on the Internet, such as the video below, and you should definitely be taking advantage of everything the internet has to offer.